Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies

March 1, 2015 by element115
They instituted total information control. Independent media are prohibited. State propaganda all the time substitutes.

Education is mind-manipulating indoctrination, not real learning. Self-fulfillment is pure fantasy.

Millions of Ukrainians are deeply impoverished. Growing numbers are unemployed. Social services are disappearing altogether.

Illegitimate prime minister Yatsenyuk nows tells Ukrainians "the country does not have resources as (they're) spent on defense, the army, tanks, (other) weapons, on strengthening security, (and) building a border."

In other words, people needs don't matter. Waging war against ordinary Ukrainians wanting democratic freedoms Kiev denies comes first.

At the same time Ukraine's currency is crashing toward worthlessness. Hyperinflation threatens and all the misery it entails.

Rationing was instituted. Europe's "breadbasket" can't feed its own people. Last year's harvest was sold abroad. Food reserves are gone.

Essentials to life are in short supply or nonexistent. Ukrainians are dying for lack of medical care.

The entire country is on life support headed toward collapse - under fascist lunatics tolerating no opposition.

Maidan's broken promises may precipitate greater protests than a year ago for real change hoodlums in charge won't tolerate.

The best way to distract people from economic misery is by scaring them to believe nonexistent threats are real.

Expect junta propaganda to try convincing Ukrainians that renewed war is justified. Whether they'll buy it is something else entirely.

When stomachs are empty, people want butter, not guns, peace not war, officials in charge serving them, not their own interests exclusively.
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